mardi, juin 20, 2006

When Stupidity Strikes Like Lightning...

The hypothesis on the level of stupidity among Malaysia mainstream artists can now be turned into a solid fact. This is not solely made based on their education background but due to the kampung mentality most of them possess.

I was feeding my kittens and the kitchen TV was airing an interview with this new artist. The TV was loud enough and I couldn’t help myself from expanding my ears on the whole interview session. So yeah, the host followed the normal procedure of the show and later came to the question where the singer was being asked about her career. The question sounded like this:

"Given the situation where you are asked by your husband to quit singing, are you going to stop?"


"Ok lah, let’s link this situation to you. Will you quit showbiz when directed by your wife? It's like, you won't be able to sing, host a program, act and stuff... Will you do that?"

Her answer made me cringe.

Obviously she didn't know what she's talking about. Or maybe she's dumb.

I prefer the latter 'cause it sounds more like it.

First, to hear such answer (indirectly, as the answer was given in a form of a question. But you get the drift...) from a Muslim woman who has obtained the title 'wife', is in a way indicating that she's very the jahil. Wasn’t she being conveyed about the hukum agama?

I am not a certified ustazah to comment more on this but that’s the basic rule. It’s a shame that even a ‘jahil’, unmarried person like me knows about it (it is obvious that in this case, she’s more jahil than I am…).

Secondly, she redirected the same question to a guy who obviously is a Man of The House by default; someone who governs based on his own decision; which is obviously very pathetic.

So sad lah this woman. Pity her.

Not my fullest intention to bash our local breed but that’s the bitter (not so) sweet truth we have to face. Though shameful, nonetheless amusing.

Doncha think so…?

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