mercredi, mai 03, 2006

Billboard Is Bad For Health!

And if I focus more on the details of what the model is wearing, I might end up crawling out of the ditch. Motorola should take off the Moto Slvr ad! That girl is distracting my driving! (because I find her facial structure and the eyes... interesting).

It's now May. And I am officially The 'Gym Dweller'. If I have one story to tell, I will tell you about how 'menjengkelkan' people can be.

So yeah, I am a newbie. My coordination sucks and I don't sweat like a pig during that class(though in reality, pigs don't sweat). Why make a big fuss out if it? Just because I didn't shed the sweat as much as you did, it does not mean I didn't work my ass out! And just because you are 'technically' fit, don't la be so poyo about other's fitness level! My intention is to join the dance class and who the hell are you to make fun of my fitness level? At least I didn't leave the class halfway through like you did!

Oh, I am bloody proud of myself!

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