vendredi, avril 28, 2006

I Got Cheated!

Early-morning, straight-from-bed stupidity is the greatest of stupidity.

That is definitely not the right time to make ANY sort of decision. But I did make one anyways. And that person who punked me should be thankful for that. He got me nicely alright.

Say thanks to Kay's inanity please.

Planned to advertise his number to some gay websites and paste the numbers (together with nasty stuff) at a few bus stops in Central Market and Chinatown but I decided to take it rationally. Based on the insignificant amount involved, taking the step to report it to the Telco Company won't do much of a help. I would probably be a laughing stock (again, due to my stupidity and ignorance).

So the only thing I did is this:

Haramkan duit yang dia ambik. He may be 9 bucks richer now, but wait sampai masa kena hisab nanti.

I am done. Have a nice Labour Day holiday!

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