dimanche, octobre 09, 2005

I Used To Have This Intention

Those days, when going to classes was the only thing I did 5 days per week, I silently planted this one wish: Someday, I want to have my own place to live in. In other word, rent a place and live away from my parents.

Today, I want to take back that wish. I'll tell you why.

Back then, though I had to attend the lectures every single day (lets leave out the times I 'accidentally overslept', shall we.), the amount of time spent in classes was only for a few hours. The only 'stress' available were the moments I had to struggle to complete the assignments right on the eleventh hour (oh yes... procrastination was and is beautiful) and during the times when I didn't manage to complete the final exam revision schedule on time (the level would increase if they involved crucial chapters. *die*).

Getting a taste of the working life, I've come to realize that I need my family to keep me sane. This may sound weird but listening to their bebel after a rough day at work actually showers me with some sort of tranquility (Putih is now reaching adolescence and always not at home while Sam is urm... a macho female cat who doesn't like being cuddled. I soo very need a new kitten!).Since that day, I've drawn a long line across the wish with a marker pen.

Dah tak mau.

Besides, my budget doesn't allow me to spend on unnecessary and 'super expensive' things like this. Paying for the rent will leave me with only dirt to eat.

Kesimpulannya, jangan buang duit kat benda yang petty or you'll end up wearing the same clothes throughout the year. Urgh!

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