vendredi, octobre 21, 2005

Create A Composition Entitled "My First Experience"

It was a splendid Thursday despite the heavy downpour from Kedah all the way to Perak. I am a fan of rain and since the backseat was mine, I enjoyed every single minute watching the drops (apart from relentlessly shifting the position of the butt to minimize the numbness)

*tap tap tap*

This is the first ever project I handle. My presentation was successful enough for me to gain continuous kudos from the MD. The very positive feedback from the clients sent everyone from The Company into tremendous merriment. Everyone's mood is elevated. My mood? You can never imagine!

The fact that The Other Director and the MD were present to get their eyes on 'my surprises', makes me feel really good. I received less interruptions (as to compare to The Other Staff) from them and that caused him to feel tak puas hati. Sorry beb, try to steal my show and I can only say... It's A Vain Attempt!

One important thing I learn from the project execution process is getting ready for unexpected changes of plan within a very short period of time. Be prepared to squeeze the juice out of your brain at 2 am while at the same time, gulping a (big) cup of strong coffee to avoid 'completing' your work in Lala Land.

The Boss will never be satisfied with anything and everything. So, get yourself ready to face the criticism and when such happens, never go running to the bathroom with eyes like a broken dam.

I would love to tell more about my trip up north but after a very long journey without a single nap, I am basically beat. It's almost 5 am and today is a public holiday... for Selangor! :D

Have a nice Friday y'all!

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