mardi, octobre 18, 2005

"Concerned But Pretty Much Fooled" People

Last Friday afternoon, while tagging along with a few colleagues for lunch (TAG ALONG doesn't necessarily mean EAT ALONG), one of 'em suddenly brought up a matter which put me in a static shock. Somebody here is REALLY concerned about my mood swing, forgetting the fact that there's more than the chirpy, peachy side of human behaviour. Sometimes they have nothing else to do. And boy oh boy, how naive they are, considering the fact that they have been living longer than I.

Oh please look at my face and see my 'I am touched by that' look. *throws a look of disgust!*

And I received free, unwanted, no-thank-you 'lecture' from The Colleague. Oh now I know why she was really eager to drag me.

Stupid! Stupid me!

To get such comments from a person who barely knows me, is really amusing. Humans react differently towards stress/boredom/weariness/sick-and-tired-of-this or even fatigue crack. Now THAT, I am afraid, they have overlooked the matter. Pity them.

They are too accustomed to dealing with the same perangai for over the past 4 years and when the 'new' ones arrive, they face a thing I'd like to categorize as Culture Shock. Some persons who think they are a bunch of smart alecks resolve to take the role of The Couselor-cum-Psychologist (without knowing that THEY are the one who need help). They know how to talk alright but it's a sad thing when they're not being too open to new exposures.

I would like to give my piece of mind on how dare they give such judgement to yours trully but as a person who is still under probation and setahun jagung, I decided to keep it to myself. (This is the problem for some people: Superiority Complex Disorder). And besides, I've yet to find other better job.

Kudos to me!

It certainly doesn't jeopardize my work and it certainly doesn't jeopardize my communication with others because when I need the time to be alone, I will communicate only when necessary.

The funniest part is that, they assumed the 'stiff' competition with the other trainee as the reason for my 'perpetual' (bak kata diaorang lar) bad mood.

Even if that's so, please lah don't expect me to put on the clown suit and throw the confetti around the office when you see black cloud hovering my head...

So I let her continue with the so-called nasihat with a smile on my face and a big, huge, gigantic laugh dalam hati.

Biarlah Luncai dengan Labu-labunya asalkan Lembing Awang tak Pulang ke Dayang sudaaaah....

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