samedi, septembre 03, 2005

My Very First Pay Check

Yup, the title says it all. Finally after 12 days of working, I received my first salary. Of course it's (more than) half of the amount offered. Since this Yours Trully is still in the *coolie* level, I am (obviously) entitled to get extra cash from working in excess of the ordinary hours. At least that's the best explanation to the amount of cash I got.

Despite the additional money in the 'used to be as dry as the Atacama desert' bank account, I ban myself from spending it on semi-unnecessary things (shoes, clothes, pants...). Perhaps an MP3 player for myself will do for a start.



I definitely think that Nyonya Mansoor should get the Best Supporting Actress in Malaysia FOREVER (fyi, she's the super evil, old, kebaya-clad lady in Ibu Mertuaku). Rasa macam nak pijak-pijak je dia dalam filem tu!

By the way, don't bother catching P. Ramlee movies on TV. The TV people spoil the flow of the movies.

Cut here, cut there...

Don't bother to fit 'em into the slots la if it means cutting the story short by chopping the small scenes (no matter la how insignificant the effects are)!!!



There are actually a few things that I would like to write about, especially regarding the hectic week I had but...

... I am really sleepy now.


Argh! It's going to be Sunday!!!

Blardy mouse!

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