vendredi, septembre 30, 2005

It's Friday And My Mood Has Skyrocketed

Mr. Sun is early. The fact that the sky is already bright by 7 freaked me out. It's Friday. That I am very much sure of. Was I late? Now THAT's something I need to check. With squinted eyes I scanned the phone's screen. 6.50. However, the sky made me distrust the watch. Tak boleh jadi!

Ask me not. I am in a very good mood. HIGHLY elated, slightly fashionable (as it's Friday and it's the day to celebrate.). Dad is home. I usually don't say this out loud but his absence made me feel a bit... kosong. Yeah, I missed him (Alright, alright... I'm daddy's girl).

Joining Azmir for dinner (which is subject to change). Perhaps I'll take this time to seek for 'ol' skool Malay movies'. If not, will drop by the mall and get one. Planning to have Movie Revival Night.

Friday is going to FRI (fry) other previous days! That's one bloody thing for sure!

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