lundi, août 08, 2005

Dear God, Please Let Me Kill Those Two Birds With The Only Stone I Have In Hand

Be Delicious is finally mine! :D


My second interview with A Company in Uptown is (tentatively) on Thursday. However, I would like bring it backward to Wednesday as there's an offer waiting for me, which requires me to carefully plan my time. I would like to kill the two big birds using the only stone I have with me. I might succeed and head home with both, but there's also a possibility for me to leave with only a bird in hand. Pray for me.

Became mom's chauffeur for a day. Dari a visit to her GP to Masjid India to Sogo. I had my banana split fix as well as a slice of Tiramisu of which I know that it's going to create an aura of jealousy to a certain someone.

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