dimanche, juillet 17, 2005

Woman of Leisure

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I have completed reading The Alchemist. That book made me cry! Not of Santiago's physical adventure but his journey to learn about his innerself. To those who haven't heard of it, go to your nearest bookstore and search for this book. :)

In the end, the Kampong Fest in Hulu Langat remained a history. RM 68 means a lot especially to someone who is dirt broke... like me. With barBlonde as the food and beverage organizer it's a bit questionable lah if the event is 'Free Admittance'. The day was wet and it rained the whole afternoon. Tsk tsk tsk... That place must be very mucky (ayat untuk melegakan diri sendiri).

Atok has quite a number of book collections from Readers Digest (Atok and RD is one complicated story, of which I prefer to leave out) and while browsing for any interesting reading material, I came across this one book about tarot reading (don't ask me what made him buy that book), complete with the decks. I took it home with me. Not that I want to make fortune telling as my full time job (since I am still jobless), only that my curiosity makes me interested to learn about the interpretation system of the tarot cards. So yeah, this is going to get me preoccupied for a while...

Happy Monday to you and me.

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