vendredi, juillet 15, 2005

Me, The News and The Alchemist

I've seen it everywhere. My friend tells me about it. The bloggers have it as their favourite book.

Enough. My curiosity couldn't be sustained any longer. The pressure was just too much. It needed to be sated. I googled for The Alchemist and read the synopsis. It is about following our dreams and listening to our hearts. After having a crisis with my own inner self and after the tough battle to fight the devil inside me that plays tricks with my mind, my emotion and my action, I need something to keep me strong. I need motivation. I need a guidance. I need an inspiration. I would like to have this book.

And when I said I want to have it... I meant right away.

I went to Bangsar to meet mom. She was busy and didn't answer the phone. I tried Telawi's MPH for a start while waiting for her to return my call. Being unfamiliar with the layout of the store, I took the easiest way and headed straight to the sales assistant at the counter. With a computer, she would have the access to the database. It was unfortunate of me as it is out of stock. So, I inquired the cashier to check the availability of the book at the MV store and the so-called centralized database provided me with the same answer. That sent me wondering. Funny...

Nevertheless, I drove to MV after passing the stuff to mom. After all, she wanted me to get her some minced meat. So I had a reason to go there (though TMC is just nearby). Even if the book isn't there, I won't leave the place empty handed. ;)

Surprise! The Alchemist is there! There were even 3 more books of the same title at the shelf! Database tipu! How come the store's db is not up-to-date? And how come the one online is???


Hasmawi is finally married. Lawa orangnya... Prettier than the ex fiancee. A very decent girl.

Am not sure if the 'buatan orang' rumour was true. One of the articles published his complaint about the girl being too high maintenance. Gelang mas... this, that... She should know by now that our local soccer players are broke and not as filthy rich as Becks or Ronaldo. Be considerate laaaa. Tekanan you know!

So girls, if you think you are the hi-maintenance type, go find some rich boyfriends. If they are not, use your own money instead. Habis cerita.

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