dimanche, juillet 24, 2005

Kaver Mata!!! > _ < Saya Tak Sanggup Tengok!

I simply can't bear the sight of abandoned cats, especially when it involves kittens. My backdoor neighbour keeps one momma cat together with her 4 one month++ old kittens in a small cage that is meant to contain a rabbit. I didn't sleep well last night. It rained at around 3 am and I remembered the cat and her kittens. The cage is too near to the edge of the roof that shelters them from the rain. After a few minutes of raining, I could listen to the meowing. Prayed non-stop to God, hoping it would not be any heavy downpour. Otherwise they would go through the night very wet and cold, worse than having only drizzle.

When I checked them out this morning, the newspaper inside the cage was wet and the fur of the momma cat was slightly damp. The sight broke my heart (and you should know by now that I have a very soft spot for cats). So I 'kidnapped' the mother and fed her. Looking at the remnant of rice, it's obvious to see that they have had their meal. But I took her anyways and let her roam around my kitchen and have a big, wide open space to rest, where she could stretch her body as wide as she wanted to.

Trust me, I would go to the extent of bringing them to SPCA if I have some cash to spare. At least they will get proper food, shelter and proper litterbox. And I can rest assured that all of them will be given the best of care and love by someone who appreciates them.

Dad is going to take one of them next week. I think I would take them all and send some to SPCA. I don't want to see any dead kitten. :( I don't think I'll be able to sleep in peace from now... not until they are in a better place.

All my previous kittens are already being adopted. Wonder how are they doing now...

God please help these kittens...


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