lundi, juillet 25, 2005

*froze in shock*

I stumbled upon a blog of a former schoolmate! A newbie though. Hope she doesn't know the existence of this place (but since we are placed together under the same 'category', it's slightly impossible to make such wish, unless she's an ignorant person). Sometimes blogging is beneficial, especially for a malas person like me-- an indolent (formalnya!) person who hardly keeps in touch with people. Makes communication a lot easier than meeting up (because I need the right mood to socialize) or using the phone (costly and I am not the gayut type) or IMing (as sometimes I'm not in the mood for dynamic chat).

*yeah yeah, you and your mood*

I'm still in my writer's block mode. The Spirit of The Idea is having a vacation in Mauritius, serenaded by the sound of the waves and anak sotong. If he's back, fresh, I'll board the next flight to taste the salty water of the Indian Ocean and hopefully get back super tanned.

For the first time ever, I am going to be a pengapit! Alif sungguh tidak berpuas hati.

alif: and why you of all the ppl.. mak kan lagi lawa?...
me: dey! mana ada laki apit pompuan!
alif: mak jadik pengapit kepada pengapit la.. bole?
me: boleh. duk sebelah i kipas i plak. so very going to be hot one.
alif: pengapit utk u moden sket.. pakai stand fan... mak takat pegang tisu je..

I hate being at the heart of attention (what a contradictory statement from 'She Who Roars'.). Not to say that I'm the one who's going to sit on the dais but to be at a raised platform (standing summore!) and allowing yourself to be one of the prominent objects is one of the things I hope to avoid.

me: nanti next week kalo dia nak passing kain, jom le kite meet up ngan dia skali
alif: buat la design vogue2! pastu ape lagi nyahhh... buat sanggul la bagai!!

But the damage is done. Again I got possessed.

me: do i get to eat the fancy food on the table?
alif: depends la kalau they provide space for you

Huhuhuhuuu!!! Makan ayam golek! Lauk Udang Berbaris Di Tepi Cawan! Tembikai Merah Terbang ke Kayangan! Sotong Lintasan Hormat!

Sungguh menarik!!!

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