vendredi, juillet 08, 2005

Cheap Production And Lame VCs

I am allergic to most Made-In-Malaysia video clips. Lets leave out those from the unknown singers because they are just too pathetic and hilarious to mention about. Oh by the way, Sha, Alif and I happened to witness the making of a video clip from an unidentified female singer after having lunch at Souq.

Alif: Adakah dia Siti?
Me: Siti yang dah kaya macam tu still nak buat VC korok macam ni? I don't think so. Ewwww!!! Look at the colour scheme baju dancers diaorang!!! Ya ampun!!!
Alif: Horrendous okeh! Striking green pulak tu!

The sun was fierce and the dancers+singer were wearing shining, laughable-matter costumes, something only a drag will wear for her(or his) show, which reminds me of a scene in Miss Congeniality 2. Herm... maybe it's a way to reflect heat kot...

Alif: Kay, ape kata kite interprem. You take the right side and I dekat left, lepas tu kita run towards each other to our opposite side.
Me: Lepas tu kita suruh Sha appear kat tengah-tengah!
Sha: Eee! Tak kuasa aku!

How much do you think that VC cost?

Less than 3k perhaps.


The VC of Tiada Lagi Cinta is simply awful! Something that falls under the Low Budget Production category. Never fails to make me buat dosa mulut. Please lah, rather than using the cash to pay those posers and bimbos who seriously don't know how to groove, lebih baik hire only a few extras and spend the rest of the budget on PROPER props. No need one battalion of stupid dancers with 'penari RTM' moves. Simply a vc with no storyline.

The song should be Tiada Lagi Budget.

I just can't stand the bimbos, big time!


And please, this is not a case of jealousy.

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