dimanche, juillet 10, 2005

Akademi Fuckersia... or Fakersia (You Pick)

Akademi Fantasia simply sucks. The contestants are talent-less and not forgetting poyo, and the judges are stupid. Instead of giving constructive criticism, all they say (-id) are (we-) "You are the best!" or "Saya sangat suka persembahan awak" or "What can I say? You are simply good". GOOD MY FOOT!

Bodo neh! *kluk! kluk! kluk!*

And don't you dare telling me that Felix's performance was good. Don't you ever dare! The judges were blind. Their comments were just a pile of shit. Nobody mentioned about the screwed-up Smooth lyric or even the diction. After listening to 'em, I wasn't surprised to hear nothing on 'the property of sound that varies with variation in the frequency of vibration', or in other word: pitch. Oh well, I should've known by now that Akademi Fantasia is just about a bunch of airheads who seek popularity by creating scandal after scandal to boost the votes. Ptuih!

I never bother to watch the whole show. My dad is a follower (saya masih terkasima...). I can't stand the whole drama and fake emotions.

Tengok Cerekarama lagi 100 times berfaedah! Oh Waie! Dominos sudah memasuki kawasan kita! Sekarang ni tunggu Startbucks je... (tho fat chance la nak dapat such cafe in THIS neighbourhood... huhuhuhuhuuuu)

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