dimanche, mai 15, 2005

I, The Woman Road Rage... *geleng kepala*

A male with the car that is more ulu than ulu flashed his middle finger at me. And please don't start with "Typical woman driver..." because I DO know when it's my mistake.

I won't tolerate with people who don't flash their signal lights when overtaking at busy roads.
And that he-whore was one of 'em.

Don't ever expect me to give you way.

Typical man with typical ego. Hahahahahaha! Oh no! Lemme change that to "typical ULU man with typical ULU ego".

Tsk tsk tsk...

Dude! Sapa suruh kau ikut bontot lori tu bila kau tau dia pickup lambat?!

Who says that driving doesn't require common sense? When you see a fully loaded lorry stops at the traffic light, it is DAMN obvious that it's going to start slow. There are always the other 2 lanes to use.

But his plain stupidity told him to settle behind that damn lorry when he could always analyze the traffic before stopping and please la idiot, there's always the right lane for you to use...

Tsk tsk tsk...

And he blamed me for his own stupidity.

Tsk tsk tsk...

If you think I simply let him go away with his 'oh so cute' gesture, the answer is no. I just returned the favour by flashing mine.

*blink innocently*

With the 'semangat kenegerian' sticker on his car window, he's helping me with my hypothesis about people from that state. Makes me loathe his people more.

Tsk tsk tsk...

So sad... too bad...


Okay, so I can't stop laughing! Ida, ko memang saiko! Hahahahhahahahahah!!!

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