samedi, avril 16, 2005

And The Dirty Work Is All Mine!

When this damn rat decided to end its life, it has already picked a spot to do so-- right under our 18 year-old stove.

And who had to deal with the cleaning and washing?



And ME!

Damn rat!

Damn damn rat!

Odd as it may sound but the smell of that decomposing rat was a resemblance of Putih's poop. Trust me, I know the reeking smell of a rotting rat but I guess this one used to be the holy man of the clan kot. Thus the 'less sharp and pungent' smell.

Yeah, and the holy man has to die at a proper cleaner place...


And the maggots were already crawling out of their feeding place to pupate. How on earth do I know about that? Because the maggots were already fat and big and most of all, they moved away from their breeding place! (When you have too much of CSI, you will get Grissomized in some sort of way.)

Removing the full gas tank and then the bulky stove was one helluva work. However, the worst part has to be scraping off the dead rodent.


Damn rat!

But then, when you're all washed up after your previous work, the only thing you'd have in mind is to get everything done and over with. I was exhausted. Continuous grunting and cussing will not magically make the rat disappear.

Call me suri rumah berjaya but when you are jobless and broke and have nothing else to do, killing the time by cleaning up the house will sound better than spending the whole day on the bed golek-golek.

As for now, I am still jobless but no longer broke and I already have a few things to do.

A trip to the mall is the reward for the tough week and the sufferings I had to bear.

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