dimanche, mars 06, 2005

A Pretty Fucked Up Sunday

Though my moodswing is as radioactive as Bismuth-212 or Polonium-239, its half life is not as long as Uranium-238 (go Google).

Take today for instance. I am pretty much or I should say, HIGHLY fucked up (READ: Himalaya tall anger) with someone. But, instead of spreading the misery to anyone that's visible, I decided to stay home, alone.

Yeah, people can be so insensitive at times.

However, the hot, burning weather didn't seem to provide much help with the therapy session. That's when the idea of having a long dip occured. I wanted to have a swim. And that thought took place in the middle of a 'sesi meluahkan kemarahan'.

And thankfully I managed to find everything.

Drove all the way to Bandar Tun Razak, where the public pool is situated just to discover that it's closed due to some unknown reason.

"Pakcik, kolam ni dah tutup ke?"

"A-ah. Harini tutup. Esok bukak balik."

Since I am a Top Student of Stress Management, I tried to think of somewhere else that has a public pool. Saw 'Bangsar' when I Googled for the operation hours for the DBKL public swimming pool. There's one in Bangsar. But then, my other mind wasn't keen of the idea of going all the way to Bangsar. Called Faisal but nobody answered. Frustrated, I drove slowly. Then, I remembered Putrajaya. SMS a friend who is a resident.

Yes, ada. Dekat P16.

**Quick note: Don't SMS while driving like what I did.

Was gambling with my timing. Unbeknownst to me, the next session is at 5. And at that moment, my watch displayed 3.15 pm.

No, I wasn't in the mood to kill despite the series of the unfortunate events that happened previously. I was really cool in handling those situations. Logically, you can't undo the done. It's takdir and complaining unceasingly won't make the management change the hour. Thanks to Alamanda which is just nearby.

In mind: Starbucks.

I like the staff there. Bubbly.

Sip my Frappucino while recalling what I digested since Monday night.

I like that moment.

Finally... 5pm.

If you were to ask me the amount of laps I did, honestly I won't be able to tell. It's not the Olympic size pool. Spent an hour swimming. Basically now, my lung capacity has doubled and I am tired.

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