dimanche, mars 06, 2005

I Learnt A New Word Today: KERBERIZED

Somehow my ability of putting all the jumbled-up words together to create a sensible, simple sentence has deteriorated. I have to start working on with my everything (anything that I wish to consider as 'everything'). I've realized a new pattern on my entries: not as lengthy as before and less lamentations.

I think I have mellowed.

It is a good thing.

I am a mellowed lioness...

... but that doesn't mean I have forgotten how to roar...


Eventually, my trip to Indonesia has been confirmed. I need the vacation and I need a time alone. I have no intention to get any massage or hitting any spa. Just a simple 'unattached' holiday to sort my mind out (konon!!!). Who knows maybe I'll change my mind on delaying my job hunt and start to send out resumes when I get back... or do nothing till the graduation day.

Talking about G-Day, please don't give me flowers.

A treat sounds 100 times better.

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