jeudi, février 03, 2005

Unfinished Thought

Depressing entries.

Do you ever wonder why I hardly write any wretched entries?

It is because, no matter how big my problems are, I'll make sure that they will never ever impede my life.

The best remedy is to face them valiantly and remember that we have the fullest control over our own lives.

Some of the writers I come across would wish to have something that only they themselves can make come true.

Free from nervous tension.

Don't just wish. Do something about it! Neither fairy nor powerful witch can set you free from pressure.

Truth is, we are the pressure and no matter how hard we try to run, it will shadow us.

This is a constant test that dear God gives us.

Problems are like a rotten meat. When nothing is done to get rid of it, the smell will linger and eventually maggots will start to have a feast.

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