mardi, février 15, 2005

Leave Me



Clean and Clear?



I don't need one.


I lied and I don't feel bad about it as the lie itself is almost a fact. I am tired. Thinking too much makes me tired. My mind is tired and already in a certain degree of numbness. Terribly tired.

Crisis seems to have an unexplanable affinity towards the word 'exam' and the most challenging ones always appear when I need the fullest of brain utilization to memorize. Weird as it may sound but this bitter combination never fail to shower me with sweet upshots.

Matriculation, second and third years, and now, the final moment.

I passed the tests so far but it is yet to be fully concluded.

God really loves me.

In time like this I need anything useful to block the bad chi from mingling with my energy. I am thinking of continuing with my martial art lesson.

Or perhaps to get a part time job.

Plans from a screwed up mind can turn out to be quite impressive. Heh!


As for now, sleep is the best solution.

A presentation, clueless understanding (?) and an empty wallet...

Time for thick, black coffee, self-isolation and a saturnine.

Off track:

#1: Don't be too over-confident
when you don't know what you're dealing with for that will lead to either a heartbreak (flexible interpretation) or self humiliation or both.

#2: Studies shown that the good mouth bacteria is capable of stopping the HIV from invading the human cells and the others claimed that the altered HIV virus can actually kill the cancer cells.

"If the mouth bacteria is capable of halting the invasion of HIV virus, perhaps the women ought to ask their men to spit inside their vaginas before penetration!"

"Hi, I have both good and bad news for you. The good news is, you are free from cancer. The bad news is, you're HIV positive"

Now, could you please... leave me???

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