mercredi, février 02, 2005

I Need To Go For Mandi Bunga!


Yesterday, I had to fork out RM20 in order to get my tire unclamped. That's the price I have to pay for being unaware and for gambling with my luck. Naah, I prefer the former. The latter didn't provide with that much of a contribution. It was something that I expected. The security guard blew the whistle from afar for a few times as conspicuous indications for me to move the damn car as it's a No Parking area. But do I even care? Won't have to go through all these should I decide to care, don't you think?

I ran as quickly as I can when he diverted his attention to the other side.

Yeah, I simply don't care and I don't mind paying for the ticket.

Hazardous...very hazardous!

Crankyness at its highest peak.

Naah... don't flinch because I don't.

I am cool about everything.

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