vendredi, janvier 14, 2005

Untitled : Because I Couldn't Think Of Any

One of the best Friday afternoons.


Why do you like to go to KLCC?

The top three answers the average teens would give:

('average' in Kay's dictionary: broke like herself and only depend on PTPTN/scholarships. But since PTPTN has now stopped feeding her with cash, her only source of income is from the Minister of Finance of The House, READ: ayah dia.)

1) Dating.
2) Meeting friends.
3) Lepak-lepak in front of the fountain.

I don't include 'shopping' because I hardly see any of these people hold huge shopping bags.


KLCC during working days is simply great. More space to move around without being shoulder-to-shoulder apart from strangers. Too bad Coffee Bean is not at the sidewalk unit.

Parked at the open air parking space. Not because of the flat rate but it was more of having the sudden mood to... walk. I love taking the long route and when I'm in that mood, I will not like to add a company (Heh! Not that they like my way of spending time, btw).

Talking about jalan-jalan alone, what is so weird about that?

I sometimes bump into a couple of friends while roaming alone and usually, this will happen:

'Kay! Sorang aje?'

*do you see any other human being with me?*

'Yeah. Sorang je.'

'Tipulah. Ni mesti tengah tunggu boyfriend'

'Mana ada lah. Saja jalan sorang-sorang'

the friend will throw the expression of disbelief


Okay, allow me to clarify a few things here.

Firstly, I WILL NOT wander around the place while waiting for my boyfriend to arrive. I will go straight to the meeting point, which is usually the kopitiam, and wait there.

Secondly, jalan-jalan around the mall is not what we really favour for a date.

The open air, enjoying the scenery maybe, but not the mall.

Thirdly, must my world only revolve around the boyfriend???

Fourthly, I am not like the Malaysian celebrity who is always in denial. So, please trust me when I say I am alone.


Ended up spending an hour at San Francisco Coffee. My last visit to SFC was long enough for me to forget about the sweetness level of the ice blended that I went back to my seat with two cups of plain water.

Satu soalan buat para laki-laki:

Why won't you guys leave us to walk in peace and why must with the whistles and shit?

Tau tak that that is sangat BODOH dan PATHETIC?

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