samedi, janvier 15, 2005

Oh Wow... It's Saturday, Everyone Is Out, And I Am Plan-less.

Nonetheless, it was indeed a great Saturday.

Tidy up the 'garden'.

It is now free from dried jambu air leaves. Dad's worker is going to cut off some of the branches and make the tree botak before budlets start to appear.

Talking about botak, I trimmed the Japanese Bamboo trees until botak too, as well as the don't-know-the-name purple-flower plant. Unfortunately, only those two are trimmable. If not, every single plant will go botak.

Lagi pendek= lagi lambat tumbuh= more time before the next trim.

Things are a lot easier when they are with me...

And I am indeed very happy... in a wicked way...

So what if everyone says I am mean and evil.

Nothing else really matters.

As long as I AM HAPPY...

... and don't try to get cute with me.

*sigh! maybe I missed my gay boys a lot kot...*

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