mardi, janvier 18, 2005

Status: Trouble With Me Is, I Just Don't Fucking Bother To Bother!

Go on. Ask me about my bitter status.

Answer: I am totally annoyed, infuriated and disgusted with the attitude thrown by some humans (Now Lit, with you and your harsh and full of sarcasm entries, perhaps we can team up and create Persatuan Benci Orang and condemn every single thing that is a nuisance to us! I already have a handful of people in my list and you might be surprized to see it!)

I had a weird dream during my 'recovery phase' just now. Weird and short but clear. And it was about lies and cheating. Funny as how it managed to penetrate into my mind when what I had all day was worries over schoolworks and not some... relationship (huh?). Totally UDP! (hint: connectionless).

What was it all about?

A convict who developed a relationship with her attorney. The lawyer was a very decent and handsome guy (have you seen any shabbily dressed lawyer???) who was later murdered by this client-cum-gf when she found out that he's cheating on her. I have no idea the way she figured out about that. All I know is the guy was being stabbed to death and she is nuts! And in that dream, I had headache too, but of a higher degree.

Now before you start laughing and telling me that this sounds more like Drama Minggu Ini, let me poke your head nicely and remind you that this is just a dream and dreams ARE supposed to be weird. And don't ask me how on earth did she obtain the weapon. And NO! I WAS NOT THE GIRL!

I have a song to relate with this one: Kris Dayanti's Cobalah Untuk Setia.

To all the guys out there, cobalah untuk setia...


Pre-test jitter I guess.

Alif added more hilites. It cost him 50 bucks. And the colour is? BLONDE! If you were to ask me about it, I am speechless. Counting the days when he decides to go botak. Oh jolly!

I need to shower now and make myself a nice, big cup of black coffee.

So what if coffee is not good for your stomach?!

It's Monday and I already missed my gay boys.


Note to Mr. Ntah:
Daymn... Thanks a lot for the songs man! Thanks A LOT! One extra request? Instead of ripping SAT only, boleh add one more tak? She's Gone. Killa song gaks tu. Lupa nak bagitau ko tadi :)

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