mercredi, janvier 05, 2005


After quite a long silence, I again received another notification from my loyal online matchmaker agency with the latest possible candidates for me to date. Below are some of my potential dates whom I have to 'subscribe with fees', should I feel the 'jolt of lightning of love' and the craving to initiate further communiqu�.
And no, I am not desperate...

Entrant One:

hai, my name is XXXXXX. You can call me X, now i working in balakong & i like to play basketball & play games.

Verdict: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?! There's NO WAY for me to date someone who stays a few blocks away from my house!

Entrant Two:

am just another typical guy like everyone else. I am open minded, caring (i guess so), sporty and have a little bit sense of humour. I loved to surf, dine, read and bASKETbALL (figure yourself :] ). . Wanna know more about ME IS to love me, Be ma PRenz

Verdict: "... caring (i guess so)". You guess so??? Aiyoh! And what's with the 'figure yourself' on basketball? "... wanna know more about me is to love me...". Trust me boy, I CAN get to know more about you WITHOUT loving you...

Entrant Three:

My hobby is playing computer games, i still study in University and i have 9 siblings and have a so many friends in the world..

Verdict: Err... 2 questions: Are you the eldest of 9? What's the age of the youngest one?

Entrant Four:

im a simple guy who spend time with friends all the time...i also spend a lot of time with my car,which is my hobby decided to look for new friends...

Verdict: If 70% of your time is spent with your friends and the rest with your beloved car, how many percent will I get if I become your girlfriend?

Entrant Five:

i'm works as DTP & do freelunch interior design 2D&3D drawing . hobbies is a
like listen music,looking design book,badminton,gym,jogging,&meet more new friends...

Verdict: Err... freelunch? U mean FREELANCE...?

Entrant Six

i'm student at XXXXXXX in course mechanical engineering i'm a simple person with high ambitions....i'm fun to be with....jovial,understanding,kind,i also have a good look,love to make people laugh ......wat else?

Verdict: Herm... KIV. Oh! KENSEL! He is 20 and I don't date younger guys.

Entrant Seven

hai whasssup.... want to know me .. mail me then u got me..hehe n i love music like ..craig david , a.r.rahman..n many more

Verdict: I can expect guling-guling on top of the grass of KL Golf Club with Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum song on the background. Hey! But I do love some of Craig David's songs...

Entrant Eight:

i'm 24 year old man living in Kuala Lumpur. I'm a person who doesn't talk a lot when first getting to know people for the first time, but slowly open up myself as time progresses when I get to know a person better.
I spend my free time:
- playing musical instruments, be it piano or acoustic guitar/electric guitar messing with effect pedals.
- listening to songs where I can learn new things for music knowledge
- watching TV, like HBO, Star Movies, Cinemax, Starworld, Discovery Travel And Adventure, MTV, Channel V, Hitz.Tv
- reading up materials found on newspapers, online sites, books, magazines
- chatting with my contacts when online
- going out with friends to stay in touch
- going out with my girlfriend spending time together, like shop, talk, have dinner together

Schools I went to: XXXXXX College
My work: Searching for a work currently. Will be updated very soon on this.
Travels: UK, Singapore, US , Australia , Indonesia.
Family/Friends: Have a very supportive family, understanding parents.
- Friends are busy all the time as they're all working since we're all in the working age
Grew up: KL

Verdict: "Herm... I see... but I'm sorry. Our company doesn't have any vacancy for you."

Entrant Nine:

Im the one who really sensitive and caring about my loved one.I spend my time by reading books,listening to the music,watching television,write my own poetry and surfing the Internet.I have much love on hip-hop since I was a kid.

Verdict: Awww... that is very sweet but too bad you are only 18...

Entrant Ten:

am a happy-go-lucky, easy-going type of person. I am quite romantic when i have found someone i love. I would spend the entire life with her and will have a committed relationship.

Verdict: Waaaah... can I try with this guy? *tick box*

  1. Identities, venues or any other important details have been changed to save my ass.
  2. I won't be held responsible for everything, should anything happen to anyone due to this entry.
  3. I am one hell of a bad girl... baad girl... tsk tsk tsk.

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