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Counter People!!! Change Your Attitude!!!! (Warning: This is one hell of a long entry)

What is actually wrong with them?

In case if it gets you wondering, I am talking about government servants who serve the counters.

And I have a qualm with them transforming their orthodox way of thinking to the other way round; be the young or senior staff.


Yesterday, I drove mom to the DBKL office in Jalan Raja Abdullah to settle some documents. We headed to one of the counters for inquiry. Being an unaware human as I already am, I was a bit impressed with the counter setting (never have any important business with the government before and I can't quite figure out the last time I went to any, hence explaining the 'jakun-ness'). Finally, the government is not stingy to invest in some interior decorations!

There was no one around except for the counter girls. I decided to sit down to wait for my assumptions turn to reality by watching mom's 'discussion' with one of them. True enough, they are still a total disgrace to the 'gomen' community, and I left with a disappointment that I doubt will ever ebb away... I was even more disappointed with the manner of one of the girls. It is fairly understood that you haven't had your 'if-I-don't-eat-I-will-die' breakfast but how dare you eat your bloody sandwich in front of a customer! If I have the authority to sack her, do trust my word as I will do it straight away! Damn that is unethical!

sharm: aiyo yg set tu dah beyond help dah
sharm: dats y m writing the buk
sharm: bg diorg bc sendiri je


We then went to the main office in Jalan Raja Laut. Too bad I missed another opportunity to support my postulation. Because of the full parking space, I had to wait inside the car.


Mom entered the car whining. I grabbed my book to jot down another supporting data.

"Mula-mula orang tu kata pegi dekat pintu tu and mama tanya lah dekat budak perempuan at one of the tables untuk kepastian. Then dengan intonasi rude dia cakap 'Pegi beratur dekat kaunter pertanyaan sana'. Kaunter pulak ramai orang. Last-last mama tanya the jaga and dia tunjuk exactly pintu yang dekat dengan budak perempuan tu. And I was like what the hell with this girl?"

Okay, the last line was not exactly what she verbalized. Being the generation before me, she only stopped at 'like'. And since I understood her annoyance, I do the honour of cursing on behalf of her. :)

She continued.

"Dah lah pulak staff yang mama kena deal with tu slow! Orang tua. Dengan rokoknya, lepas tu terhegeh-hegeh nak bukak PC nye lagi. I mean, why can't they just hand over the job to someone yang lagi muda? Yang tua-tua ni pegi letak dekat one room yang tak payah deal dengan orang lah!"

*me listened attentively*


sharm: tulah kan. they really got into my nerve. diorg ni gila ke apa
sharm: but i mmg give up dah dgn malays yg mcm tu
me: they really have one hell of an attitude disturbance la
sharm: tp u try la tell them abt it. mcm2 alasan!
me: thts why i macam a bit reluctant nak keja kat govt sector
sharm: melayu ni mmg selesa sgt
sharm: dnt u dare work there
sharm: lama2 nnt u trikut lak. serius!

I can't argue more...

me: i dunno la whts wrong with em. keja macam tak ikhlas
me: ... working there just for the sake of getting all the previleges
sharm: but org melayu mmg suka kje mcm tu
sharm: dats y tak ramai non-malay in gomen sector


Kuala Lumpur - Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur yang baru, Datuk Ruslin Hassan berazam menjadikan Kuala Lumpur sebagai bandar raya kelas dunia.

Usaha tersebut termasuk mengubah corak pemikiran di kalangan kakitangan Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) meningkatkan mutu perkhidmatan dari segi kebersihan serta
prosedur dalam melayani permohonan dan aduan warga kota.

Bercakap dalam sidang media pertama di Ibu Pejabat DBKL, Datuk Ruslin berharap corak pemikiran baru dapat diterap di kalangan kakitangan DBKL. Ini termasuk sentiasa peka terhadap rungutan warga kota yang sukar berurusan dengan pihak berkuasa bandar raya.

Keh keh keh... Kita tunggu dan lihat...



Perhaps the mayor should consider of providing the staff with energy booster solutions.

Went to the registrar last Tuesday to accompany the grandfather to convert his old IC to MyCard. I should praise the people for setting up a special counter for the senior citizen and the disable but chose to give it a second thought.

When I joined my cousin and Atok, the current number was 1010 and his was 1012. Good.


NO! The number only changed a digit after almost 30 minutes. And it took us another 40 minutes worth of patience just to see the figure moved to Atok's turn. Bored and tired of looking at that particular counter, I walked out to the parking lot for the sake of getting my eyes off the ever walking makcik who deals with one of the counters.

So what's my point of telling you this story, you may ask.

Answer: They are a bunch of slowpokes! You would have to at give 'em at least 5 minutes to get from point A to point B, which is only a few seats away from theirs.

And boy how exhausted I was just by looking at their movement. As if they haven't eaten for a week! And if such ever happens la, they will surely mintak MC sebulan! Reason?

"Saya sangat lemah dan trauma kerana tidak menjamah sebarang makanan (in reality: ayam golek, nasi kandar...) selama seminggu. Saya amat memerlukan cuti ini untuk mengembalikan tenaga saya. Jika tidak, tidak produktiflah kerja-kerja saya nanti"

Productive MY ASS!

Aha! Wait till you see the pregnant ones!

I have seen a lot of working pregnant women but things are somehow exceptional when it comes to these people. It's like, kalau jalan sedikit laju tu, anak dalam perut will terjatuh!



Another aspect of attitude that is seriously in great need of overtime miracle:

Speech and intonation.

It was only 10 am and the fellas at the Photo Section already sounded like 3.30 pm-- with the 'dead-beat' voice that is deadly enough to make you sleep and miss your turn.

... And I don't think the sincerity to serve the public exists...

To get your hands on this, feel free to go to Maju Junction. You can always go jalan- jalan when you've had enough. :)

p/s: Have I told you that the entrance and exit routes to and from the parking lot of Maju Junction are simply superb?

I'm sure the same thing does happen to other countries but am not sure whether it's as severe as what we're experiencing right now.

(Disclaimer: This entry is not an intended insult to the government work force. Just a reality that should be viewed as a motivation to change the general perception that has been painted by the public based on their experiences. After all, siapa makan cili, dialah yang terasa pedasnya. *sneer*)

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