vendredi, décembre 24, 2004

Yes, I Am Very Well Informed About That...

Usually, there will be no specific issue that appears as Topic of The Week. But this week is totally different from the rest. I have TWO issues, both big and medium, that keep bouncing back to me. The big one is about being in hopeless relationships/marriages and trying to develop the strength to letting everything go for good; on which I am not going to talk about, while the medium one is regarding my weight.

I have a very concern neighbour who will constantly remind me of my weight and how worry he is seeing me getting thinner each time.

"Dear, from my eyes I see you getting thinner and thinner. You better eat something."

And each time he says that, I will throw him a smile and a quick nod.

Last night as I was having a conversation with a stranger who has yet to see me in person, I received a 'complaint' about my eating habit. And before I allowed him to conclude any further, I gave him the clarification that I am strictly not someone with anorexia nervosa, let alone bulimia.

Another 'concern' being...

Just when I thought that that's the end of the subject, another apprehensive individual, who is the cafe tea man of my faculty, mentioned about the amount of food I took in the plate, which later leads to my weight. The funny thing is, the stuff I took was four pieces of 'rock-hard' keropok lekor, and not some rice or mee (Trust me on this one. When it comes to keropok lekor, hard or not, I will not hesitate to finish the whole thing up.).

Though I am no longer the Penunggu Cafe by the time he takes over the beverages counter, and hardly have my lunch there, this tea man seems to memorize my usual teh-o-ais. But that's not the main point here.

You see, since the main sink can't be used, those who wish to wash their hands can go into his counter as there is a functioning faucet. So, when I returned to the counter from that sink to fetch my drink, this is what he commented:

"Makan sikit saja? Mau makan banyak sikit la. Badan besar sikit baru cantik."

"Ala baiyya, ini banyak apa? Tadi sudah makan laa."

Oh God I am touched. There ARE people who care about me out there rupanya...

My New Year resolution (that I doubt will ever get executed): Stuff myself like a pig.

Oink! Oink! *snooort*

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