vendredi, décembre 10, 2004

Which Art Thou?

It didn't take me much effort to wake up at 5 this morning. When dealing with Dad, time is at the highest of priority. Any delay is not tolerable. That is why I am a bit particular with timing, though I have to say that I sometimes screw up mine too (I don't mind people waiting for me but I certainly don't want to wait for them.*wink*). Naah... that will usually come with a REAL reason or two.

Mom and lil sis, together with 4 other aunts, I guess have reached Jakarta by now. Was a bit rasa nak jerit when they were busy talking about the cheap spa rate and the massage, lulur and all. Takpa, takpa... I'll follow dad to Medan next year and get my hands on those stuff... kalau rasa nak pegi lah...

5 days without Mom and the nosy rascal. Ngeeeee! (Bukan banyak boleh buat pun... hermph!)

Okay, this is weird... Prince was in my freaking dream. P-R-I-N-C-E! Now what does it has to do with him being in my Lala Land?? Due to the fact that 'Call My Name' is looping in my playlist?

It's 2.30 pm and I need to re-brush my teeth.

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