samedi, décembre 11, 2004

Aku Anak Mithali

Slept at 11 pm and woke up at 8.30 am. Wanted to continue sleeping but there was a basket of dirty clothes waiting to be washed. Any delay means they will have to be hanged overnight. Not a good thing. Mom is not around, so all the houseworks are automatically mine. There were also a few plates and mugs in the sink. Those have to be out of sight too.

Though the floor is not sticky, I still didn't feel comfortable walking on it. So the next task: Mopped the floor. Once is not enough, twice is the minimum. Now every floor were mopped, except the tempat pelupusan sampah (READ: my sisters' room). The younger one is at home so there is totally useless to do any cleaning there. Wiped the dust, arranged dad's stuff on the dining table and threw away the garbage. Cleaned the kitchen and I was all done with the interior.

Next job were to sweep the porch, stuff all dried leaves from the jambu air tree to the plastic bags, fertilise the soil and water the plants.

Status: CHECKED!

Asked dad whether he's eating lunch at home. He was not sure about that. Was still early. Chibi Malay version was on TV. Perfect! No need to sit in front of the TV to read the translation. Increased the volume and continued preparing the rencah for lunch. Today's menu was the combination of Negeri Sembilan dish and Johor food. I've made up my mind on cooking Telur Masak Lemak Cili Padi, Udang Berlada and Taugeh. Dad is very particular when it comes to food so I guess what I was going to serve fulfilled his rules. Masak lemak for kuah, udang for dry lauk and sayur. Unsurprizingly, he didn't say a word, the indication that everything was perfect. You should see him having the kuah. Tambah summore. :D

After cooking and eating: wiped the stove, washed the kuali and pinggan mangkuk, and last but not least, nescafe untuk apak.

"Jangan lupa buat nescafe untuk ayah tau."


I am satisfied with the cleanliness of the house, thus I can leave the house in peace. Have a makan- makan to attend.

Now, tell me if I am mithali.

Have a great weekend people. *waves*

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