mercredi, décembre 29, 2004

Something Gets Me Thinking

Although The Day was a thing in the past and is only meant to be the last thing on earth to be remembered, my level of curiosity couldn't stop me from typing the address of his site. Truth is, everything was triggered by an assignment topic, which has a thing to do with the ground he's good at.

And no matter how much I hate him for his 'constructive' comments, I have to agree that he is simply good.

That got me thinking.

I have to do something to be in parallel with him, to possess the same amount of knowledge even if my tackled field is totally different from his. Given the time and opportunity (insyaallah), together with a pinch of motivation, I will try to 'squeeze' him down. Cheh! Bersemangatnya!!!

Peeking through his previous works, I can't stop myself from feeling stupid. And yeah, I guess some of his words (off record) do make some sense (why would he want to utter craps btw).

I am highly motivated at the moment (oh very so...*). All I need is the right track that won't make me curse later the day. Guess I should sit down and think things through.

Of seeing Buddy's picture, listening to Love Songs station in Yahoo! after deciding that I've already had enough of No-Woman-No-Cry dosage for this week, an approaching deadline, finding a suitable and 'sophisticated' title and tasks distribution before the break, having trouble with starting the day early, and saving the world...

Don't I sound... hectic to you???

I'm off to my Lala Land. Might have to reset the alarm with -15 minutes from the previous time for I am on a mission to fight the wrinkles on my tees.

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