mercredi, octobre 06, 2004

I Am Speechless

I have the itch to write about my presentation today but the other part of me gives me a warning to shut up. But, being a pighead myself, I've decided to spill everything out.

I'm not sure if I should be thankful for the viva's postponement, which should've been over yesterday. If I want to treat it as a hikmah, maybe I should. Having your day out with a ruin mood is deadly. I might end up killing someone along the way. Rotten mood makes me bitchy. You ought to think twice before trying to get cute with me...

Remember when I said that I think I've chosen the wrong field? It doesn't change. I still feel the same and the fact that what today has provided me, makes my urge of pursuing another degree grow stronger. I now realize that human behaviour fascinates me more that some hardwares or softwares.


When you have someone good to 'evaluate' you, it's best to defend yourself from any possible attack, eventhough you have not a bloody idea on what to expect and even if you have to goreng. Never let anyone to degrade you........






... It was a helluva disastrous presentation.


"What if I tell you that I don't appreciate what you did."

~%#@&^#+! *

"What makes you think that I should?"

"Maybe you think that what we did deserves no appreciation from you but we think our determination on getting it work scores a point. One of the masters students tried to run it but he surrendered in the end. However we tried to search as many documentation as possible and we even contacted the developer. To us, that is something that we are proud of."

Dia terdiam.

I have to rewrite my report. All three sets of printing are waiting for the surat khabar lama fella. There goes my ink, there goes my cash on binding.... most of all, there goes my revision plan.

I need a time on my own. Hope tomorrow won't be an ass. Isolation mode: ON

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