mardi, décembre 07, 2004

Lets Eat Triple Layer Tuna Sandwich!

I am beginning to have a feeling that this is going to be a splendid week. Starting from Sunday, where I got the chance to meet my former schoolmates that I never thought of meeting again. I feel like banging my head on the wall for not being able to stay longer and meet everyone... and yeah, I am not kidding. Boleh dikatakan semua yang turned up terdiri dari semua genre of marital status, from singles to beranak 3. Not much difference in term of size badan or muka, maybe only to one or two of them. Semua still maintain size badan (tapik Waie jek la yang debap sket aku rasa...kekekekeke). Though I wasn't that close to all of them during my secondary years due to my 'stuck-up ness', I have to admit that I kinda missed them all. Certainly won't say NO to the next reunion!

And the dusk of Sunday won't be forgotten too. :) Not sure if (bu) Lat shares the same amount of excitement too.


As I mentioned previously, I had my first Viva on Web Server this afternoon. Worried like hell as I didn't really know what to expect from him. It could be just about anything. To sum up the worries, I was quite bothered by the knowledge of the rest of the group members on the server configuration, together with the addition of group members at the eleventh hour. At this point, NEVER EVER try to 'Teach me from scratch please...?' me. I am going to have another 5 more vivas with them and I am presented with no other choice but to gear up. Adoih... susah la kalau macam ni...

Sabar Kay, sabar... orang yang sabar dalam berkongsi ilmu tu dapat banyak pahala... After all, kan lagi senang nak ingat if ulang benda yang sama banyak kali...?

Oh well, just pray that I won't end up strangling them then.


More fabulous news came up. The latest exam results had been updated. ALHAMDULILLAH! Praise the God! For the first time ever, I received the GPA of 3.00 ++, that eventually made me reach my targeted CGPA. Only if aku tak main-main during the first couple of years...

Doesn't matter anyways. Ini adalah satu pencapaian yang terlalu membanggakan! Malaysia indeed BOLEH!

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