lundi, décembre 13, 2004

Dad Is Having A Fit and I Am Sleepy...

There are only the two of us in the house and it is really quiet. The younger sister is already in her residential college, probably tengah berpoya- poya at UiTM Jammed while mom and youngest sis will only be back tomorrow night. Though dad is not the overprotective type and won't ask much if I am home by 9, I will have a slight discomfort leaving him all alone in the house without any company or 'noise'. And just now, while berpoya-poya with Bulat, I couldn't refrain myself from thinking about what he was doing at the moment.

He's alone...

And that thought touched my heart.

Dear Dad,

I may not say it out loud but I'm sure you know how much I love you. You are my hero.

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