lundi, novembre 01, 2004


I've just realized it's been centuries since I dressed up. No, seriously, I vaguely remember the times when I actually put on my 'dress-up' baju and dab some eye shadows and foundation. I am talking about 'jalan-jalan/hang out' time. Kenduri is out of the list. And now, all my blouses are collecting dust and one of my white blouses now has brown spots at some parts! Geez, nasib baik putih. Clorox can save the day. One of the main reasons why I decided to ditch them is because I've had my melaram period during my first year of Uni. When I reached my second, I opted for something less hi-maintenance: Selebet fashion that consists of selipar toilet (flip flops), jeans and tees. And it continues up till now. Kesian baju-baju lawa akuk...

And a few days back, while having nothing else to do, I grabbed all my pants and blouses and tried everything on. I must admit that they don't look as nice as the time I had 'em on a few years back. Looked like papan pakai baju!

So right now, I am very much in the mood of melaram. In fact, skarang ni pon tengah melaram ni. Siap mekap lagi tu!

... can't sleep and don't feel like reading. So here I am, all bored.

I am bored!!!

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