vendredi, octobre 15, 2004

I Need To Think!

Damn I can't stop cursing myself! Shouldn't have replied the SMS. I should really not reply that...

I could have ignored his messages and calls but no, I did not.

And now he wants to buka puasa with me. Shit!

Must think! Must think!

... the way to escape from him.

I would give a consideration to the invitation but when he started to switch the intonation from the chirpy one to the 'menakutkan', slow and really mengharap, I started to get the chill down to my spine. It is always creepy to get such 'plea' from someone you want to avoid big time. Really I need some help... Someone who I can drag along. Anyone??? What will you get in return? A free buka puasa meal and if you are a single girl, I can hook you up with him and if you are a guy... I can also hook you up with him! :D

He still doesn't fail to amaze me. Despite what I did to him after all these years, he's still tak serik to stick as a friend to me. We've known each other for 4 years now... and we only met... say what? Three times? 3 in 4 years, heh! Don't call me bad as I won't simply ditch people if he/she is being good to me... in a way that I find acceptable enough. My friend circle is already small. Shrinking it won't be a good idea, don't you think?


How could I press the Publish button when I have one more important thing to mention? That I am now a free person???


*throws the confetti*

p/s: One more thing, the tagboard is down. Let it be there till the server is up. In the meantime, use the commentbox to flood. Maybe it's not as fast and direct as taggie but think about the words you can cough out to kutuk me, love me or compliment me. Hehehe ;)

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