lundi, octobre 18, 2004


Drove mom to Jalan Gurney as the mother of one of her friends passed away early this morning due to cardiac arrest. Reminded me of the day Wan's body was brought home. That was 2 years ago.

Was greeted by the strong smell of kapur barus, mingling with the chilly air from the air-conditioner. Reminded me of the time when Wan was being 'groomed and dressed'.

Entered the house and saw a bed in the middle of the hall, facing the kiblat. Reminded me of the place where Wan was being put before she was taken to her final resting place.

Heard sobbings. Reminded me of mom's, sisters', uncles' and aunts'... the close relatives', close friends' and neighbours' during the final moment before the solat.

Caught a glimpse of the face of the deceased. Reminded me of Wan's white, clean face.

Tried not to be reminded by the past images of someone who took care of me from the first day I was born...


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