dimanche, octobre 03, 2004

I Dreamt About...

Friday dream: I purchased a light blue pumps, which I fancied at the beginning but decided to return it back for I've realized that the design was actually ugly. (Blue leather pumps with pointed end and a few silver studs? What has gotten into me at that time?!)

Saturday dream: There was this purplish, freckled horse. And towards the end of the dream, I was at this abandoned shop lot attending an injured fella. Has something to do with Ska but can't quite figure out about that. I later took a small bottle, a medicine I supposed. The packaging was very English and was dated 1800 with a small note "Do not use if the content turns yellowish." (What do you expect with the content that age more than 200 years?). The other scene was about another shop lot- The only interesting and available shop that sold ethnic knick-knacks. Saw a box of flip flops (which I am crazy about) and decided to check them out. Later came the painter who always lepak at the A Famosa (you won't miss him on your way up), giving me the look as if he had seen me before (which is a yes, as I used to have a chat with him). The dream ended there.

This is very weird. Could someone please interpret this for me?

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