lundi, septembre 27, 2004

This Is Better Than Sex!

... or getting a confession that you've been waiting for from the one you like! My main suffering had been put to an end. You should see the smile I had! Uh-huh, I received my respect... altogether with the hand salute. Tabik spring gituh! One huge burden is lifted from my head and now, I can get all the snores I need without the recurring dream, whether bad or good; about that nasty T or even seeing ANY of their faces trespassing my zone. Again this morning, I hit the bed after Subuh after sorting the data from the simulation, with the hope that the phone alarm would wake me up instead of my biological time-measuring mechanism. That didn't happen. I first opened my eyes to see the fat, double round curve of 8 together with the alphabets A and M on the phone screen. It didn't stop there. I was like that for the rest of the 2 hours. With a restless mind and the ever-cluttered feeling, there's no way for me to get any peaceful sleep. Maybe I should discontinue my coffee intake for a week.

For the first time ever, the Red Cressida had its way to the faculty's parking lot. I feel really good. I've fulfilled my aim!

It's 8.15 pm and I am already yawning. Not good when I have an oral test tomorrow...

Tido... study... tido... study... tido... study...

... TIDO!

G'night fellas!

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