mardi, septembre 14, 2004

Lying Is Bad....Very Baaaad....

... and I'm doomed. That girl will slaughter me if I give the document another delay. Alright...alright... it was truly my fault. You see, I was supposed to mail her some stuff regarding our assignment last Friday and I was determined to get it over and done with by that day itself, so that I could have a peaceful weekend. Puh! Some determination I have there! The days went by and it's now Tuesday. Knowing that she will somehow use any mean of communication device to ask about the document, it's time to make up stories again. Praise my brilliant brain! I came up with the 'tragic' story in just a few minutes.

"You sudah email I document tu?"

*gave a so-so-but-convincing-enough shocking expression*

"Huh? You tak dapat email yang I hantar?"


"Okay, okay, I resend later."

... blaming the network to save my ass. It works, trust me. Hey, the networks are not 100% reliable. Dropped packets do happen, ya know. Tsk tsk tsk... and too bad... it happened to me too... hehehehe!

And just now, while checking the message archive of my conversation with Zaki for the not-so-accurate-but-at-least-ada information, something tragic happened. I was annoyed with the ever occurring "Do not show this window again" box each time deleting the unwanted session despite getting it unchecked. In the middle of that, I didn't realize that I accidentally chose the "Delete this folder" option! It was bloody too late to even shout a "NO!".

Still in disbelief.


= goreng facts without sounding ridiculous = extra work (for having to come out with something sensible AND valid info. Hermph!)

And I am fuckin'............. oops... I take back that word.

... and I am doomed.

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