mercredi, septembre 15, 2004

It's Wednesday People!!!! It's WEDNESDAY!!!!

Almost every hour wasn't left untouched. I was and am feeling pretty okay. The class was an hour late. Since the cafe is still the cursed area (btw, I saw Rosli through the tinted glass, eating last Monday.), both me and Is headed to the KPS for breakfast... my breakfast to be precise. Still had time to catch Sesame Street on TV. :)

Ida was stranded at 14 with her car. A case of the empty tank. Drove straight after class to fix the situation (chewah!). Moral to Karatz: The petrol in the spare tank isn't going to drive you from KL to Perlis!

(Disclaimers: Before you proceed, let me clarify to you that I am PURELY NEUTRAL and not on any side. Everything I am going to say is based on my own analysis and logical thinking. Everything I quoted is 100% derived from the flyers I received. You can and cannot agree with me. Pendapat anda adalah hak anda. :D)

It's the Election Day again! Nope, I didn't cast my vote. Malas. After all, there were no opponents. They have decided to turn into a coward and back off this time. Due to the drastic lost of popularity I guess. C'mon la brader, extremism is so very uncool. Pity that you guys still have the same mindset instead of becoming a bit open to the present environment. Tsk tsk tsk.

I actually got the chance to read a couple of flyers from those Gagasan People, which I'm going to share with you:

Hari penamaan calon pilihanraya kampus kali ini telah mencatat sejarah apabila Gagasan Mahasiswa Universiti Malaya (GMUM) membuat pengumuman untuk memboikot pilihanraya tersebut sebagai tanda tidak kepuasan hati mereka terhadap pihak pentadbiran HEP.

... Gagasan telah mengambil keputusan untuk memboikot pilihanraya dengan tidak menghantar semua calon mereka di peringkat fakulti mahupun umum.

... Keputusan tersebut dibuat disebabkan oleh ketidaktelusan yang berlaku dalam pilihanraya kali ini antaranya penyelewengan, tekanan, ancaman dan ugutan yang dilakukan oleh pihak HEP sebelum dan semasa hari penamaan calon. Situasi yang berlaku dimana mahasiswa-mahasiswa di semua kolej kediaman diugut buang kolej jika mereka mengundi calon Gagasan.

Unauthorized Political Analyst says:

... mahasiswa-mahasiswa di semua kolej kediaman diugut buang kolej

Boo hooo! Ever heard of 'Undi Anda Adalah Rahsia'? For goodness sake the People of Gagasan sekalian, SEMUA DIBUANG KOLEJ? Get real and use your bloody brain lah. Having the students living in the residential colleges means money. Losing 1000+ per head per semester for the college fees is not the first thing they have in mind. How do you think they're going to pay those makcik-makcik dewan makan, akak-akak toilet cleaners and pakcik-pakcik gardeners if they prohibit us to stay? Bulu ketiak ek?

And even IF memang KONONNYE terjadi and the wardens are corrupted as being claimed, do you think they can stand keeping the rooms unoccupied for a year till the next election just to keep up with their egos? Ada pikiaq ka? C'mon man! Buang kolej secara paksa is a huge issue and if it does happen, it'll be the History of The Year. I'm damn sure that The Management isn't that dumb to create such threat.

... Gagasan telah mengambil keputusan untuk memboikot pilihanraya dengan tidak menghantar semua calon mereka di peringkat fakulti mahupun umum.

Boycotting when you still have the chances to win some seats? Why lah? Where have all the 'semangat juang yang berapi-api' gone? Basah kena hujan malam semalam, issit? If you want to fight for the right, correct the wrongs, change the inappropriates; this is the time. Refusing the election won't get you nowhere... alahmek people... tsk tsk tsk... What an uneducated way to give up! Never mind then. Just concentrate on your studies then. Finals bulan depan je ni.


I am a bit excited. Compiled the simulator. It works so far. Time consuming just to get it installed. Left it with Is for the next step. Keeping my fingers crossed. Keep yours too!

Please don't fail me....

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