mercredi, juin 16, 2004

KL... Perak... Penang... Kedah... Perlis... Thailand

Okay, the trip wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. Exaggerate je lebih. The scenery was splendid. Mountains... the greenery... cars... (huh?). Though I only slept three hours before the trip, I managed to stay awake during the whole trip dari KL ke Perlis.

Upon Arrival:

We arrived to Perlis a day earlier. Sampai- sampai je pegi carik hotel. We should've expected that every single place would be occupied. Sure Heboh and UiTM registration day happend on the same weekend. But I don't really think the Sure Heboh was the main reason. So, after driving around, seeking for a place to crash, we managed to find one. And only God knows how thankful we were.

Bukit Air Jungle Park Resort in Sg Batu Pahat. Wasn't that hard to figure out what everyone had in mind along the way. It's very obvious that we were all trying to imagine how the place is going to look like since there's the word 'Jungle'. Dalam hutan yang betul-betul dan totally back to nature? Maybe kot...

Okay, we've entered the kampung area... Taman Herba next... A quarry not longer after... Err, are we on the right way? And finally, the signboard. Okay, this IS very ceruk. *checked the line* Takde bar langsung! Maxis? Takde jugak! DiGi? Don't even mention!!! So, we were IN the jungle.

We were informed that there would be some TV3 crew staying there. Oh hell! I don't give a damn about them. All I want to do is to get a good, refreshing shower!

Time to check out the rooms. 202...202... *started to freeze in horror* Is this the place we're going to sleep tonight?!! Okay, okay, chill... chill... you haven't even opened the door. Don't just quickly jump into any conclusion. Yeah, I was trying to give myself a comforting thought. Okay, the room was bearable to me. But not the bathroom. There were a few taik cicak or tikus or anything yang mempunyai taik sebesar tuh on the bathroom floor. Lagilah akuk rase macam nak lari! (P/S: akuk PALING BENCI DAN ANTI dengan taik cicak!!! Akuk tak kesah kalo disuruh pegang taik kucing but taik cicak? NO WAY!!!)

Mandi tetap mandi. I was making disgusting faces all the way to the bathroom. Even when I was having my shower. Akuk tak ske taik cicak!!! And you could guess my feeling after the session was over! Thank God it's only for a night! Oh yeah, there wasn't anything horrible or any tormenting experience along the night, except that my sister saw a biawak on her way back from making a call. Tak ada nyamuk yang kacau (sebab tutup tingkap all the time dan ade aircon) dan takde apa-apa bende yang crawling in our place. Funny as we had this hilarious night with all the funny, gila-gila pictures we took and borak-borak dengan apak and mak... Tido dengan tanpa gangguan mostly sebab terlalu penat.

Day One:

Checked out pagi-pagi buta. ALHAMDULILLAH!!! Our first destination- Padang Besar. Nothing to brag about this place. I left the place empty handed as there wasn't a single thing that grabbed my attention. There was the bag I like but didn't buy it. But I regretted of not buying the sun glasses. Gucci, 15 ringgit lagi tuh! Tak kesah la the brand, ciplak atau real. Yang akuk tau, it's nice. Ade la akuk rase a few items yang menarik perhatian akuk but it's hard when you have a sister who shares the same taste. Hish!

Apak akuk bagitau yang ade satu minah Thai yang nyanyi kat dia mendayu-dayu masa dia lalu kedai dia. Warghahahah! And I must say that we were at the center of attention disebabkan kreta apak akuk. You probably won't find this car anywhere else in Malaysia. Why? This car has tanduk! Tak tipu punya. I'll include the picture in fotopage for you to check out. Herm...maybe I should say everywhere we go? Hehehehe... Akuk tak sure pasal kemurahan barang kat sana. Macam serupa jek macam harga kat Mydin. Maybe periuk belanga lah kot. It's not that hard to convert Bhat to RM. Just divide the price by 10. So, 150 Bhat is equivalent to RM 15 (Tho the actual price is 150/10.50. Alah, ala-ala same la gaks)

Things I realized about eating places in Perlis: 1) Their sambal belacan is nice. 2) They don't have nasik lemak for breakfast. 3) They like to include fresh rebung in some of their lauk.

We eventually checked in at Putra Palace. The only hotel in Perlis (The rest ade la motels.) Talking about "Finally!".

Day Two:

Off to UiTM. The place was already crowded by 9 am. Herm, no offence but akuk rasa sistem pendaftaran UM lagik best dan teratur compared to yang akuk pi kat sini. One thing is because sume budak kene pegi check point by check point untuk register, whereas UM pi trus ke kolej and buat everything kat sana. And mase akuk register dulu, by Rabu akuk dah goyang kaki, only wait for the next group activity. UM sangat best! Ngeeee~

Basically, there wasn't much we did today. Nope, no nangis-nangis or stuff but one thing for sure, dad has started to miss her. Mom as well, oh my youngest sister as well. As for me, I am emotion less. Betul...tak tipu. Pepe pun, bebudak senior kat sane cam bagus jerk. Muke masing-masing macam........ *toot*. Poorah! Akuk lagi bagus dari korang lah! *riak*

Day Three:

Balik time!!! Well, I should say that I'm starting to like Perlis. Not only the weather, but the area too (pssst...budak Perlis menarik-menarik gaks. *wink*). Sawah padi all the way. Tapik, compare to KL, town senja dah tutup. So, bagik kutu-kutu macam korang, tade le lepak mapley sampai 3 4 pagi sebab kat pekan neh pon akuk tak jumpe mapley. Hehehe...Satu lagi yang sama dengan KL- rempit race. Yeap! Whatever it is, it's glad to be home... ;)

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