mercredi, juin 16, 2004

Just Keep Swimming!

Another unproductive day. A ring interrupted my sleep. Number Withheld. Who could that be? First person I had in my groggy mind was Hariz, who is in Luton right now. But that's a bit impossible as it would be somewhere around 4 or 5 am there.




"Uhurm, yeah."

"Tengah buat ape tu?"

Eh, kenape suara mamat neh lain? And kenape skema gile cara dia tanye? Where have all the 'Wassup' gone?

"Oh, ehe he he, baru bangun tido."

"La... So, takde kelas ke arinie?"

"Takde. U takde kelas arinie?"

"Ha? U salah orang kot."

"Ha??? Jap jap jap, neh sape actually?"



"Jap, I think U salah orang kot. I FAriz lah."

"Aaa? HAriz?"


"Owh, sori sori sori!!!"

What a start! Oh well. So he's the Unknown Number I saw in my phone previously. I'm supposed to have a 'makan durian' blind date with him. I wasn't sure of his actual purpose of calling me this 'morning'; whether to have a quick chat or to fix a date. And after a few thoughts, I've decided to give the durian thing a miss. I want to start the meeting with a cup of coffee. I just don't feel comfortable eating with a stranger, durian summore, dia blanje summore! Don't think so! I need a rain check. It's been centuries since I had my last blind date. When was it aaa? Last year? So by now you can guess the average amount of new people I meet per year. It's time to broaden my social life. Join this gathering, menyelit to that blog meeting, menyebok to any blog activities... ;) Saye neh pemalu orangnye.... ptuih!

Don't you just hate it when you don't receive a proper 'bye' in your conversation? I can't understand why do they find it hard to say "Gtg, bye." even if they have to rush. I hate that type of people. It's terribly rude. How impolite! I will make sure that I end all conversations in the appropriate manner even if I have only 2 seconds left to close my messenger. It's all about chatting manners people!!!

And suddenly I have the mood to go out... Aah, not to forget swimming this Saturday.

School is about to start!!! Yay!!! Finally I will have something to look forward to! But... there is another thing that I wish I can get rid of- Thesis Part 2. Now, a nightmare in the middle of the sweet dream...

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