jeudi, mai 06, 2004

I Need Valium!!!

The suckiest part in your university years is when you have to come up with a topic for thesis. And that is just the beginning. If you are fast enough and manage to grab the title you want from the lecturer you desperately want as supervisor, you can be considered as partially lucky. Read: PARTIALLY LUCKY. That will be end of Phase One.

Phase Two: praying that you won't get the moderator from hell.

They are mostly women. You know how women can be very (overly) fastidious even to the tiniest, petty bits. It's amazing how fast they can detect the flaws in you. (From the presentation to the report or even your manner when answering the questions.) Many people I interviewed after their viva, would either give a smug face or sigh, telling me how bad the session was and how �helpful� the moderator to them.

As for me, Rosli hasn�t appointed a date for the presentation but as he did say one day that he will try to get the last slot. Bagus, bagus! I don�t even know who my mod is!

Phase Three: Report and Elaborations�*sigh*

I have trouble on doing this. This is supposed to be the documentation of what you�re dealing with. Okay, the thing would be much easier if you�re working on an existing system right? NO! Just look at me. I am running the available simulator and heard about a few success stories online BUT the stories are merely stories. None of them can help me with my documentation. So, I have to come up with one, with the help of my friends� reports in order to get a brief idea on what to put and goring. God saved me! I�ve just found a similar thesis report regarding my topic. So, procrastination is taking control. No big deal! I can bet that most of them did the same, and most scored! Yah! Yah! Yah! Goreng jek lah�after all Rosli isn�t that strict, kaaaan??

It�s amazing how they managed to elaborate and elaborate till the pages almost touched the 150 figure. Me? Haven�t reached 20 yet! Herm�reminds me of the time during my literature assignment.

Phase Four: The end of the suffering�

Most awaited moment!

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