mercredi, avril 07, 2004


Tuesday. I actually made a plan the night before of going to meet my supervisor for the weekly assessment and next to the lab to continue with the unfinished installation but, as I expected, none happened. I hope Is won�t get the morning shift like the previous week. Like any other day, I woke up at 12 noon, prepared lunch for my youngest sister before she left for Sekolah Agama at 2 and watched the same video clips on TV before locking myself up in my hibernation place. Life has never been so exciting! Looks like we�re going to have wet afternoons now. It was nice though. I love the rain, even if it�s raining cats and dogs. Morning rain is always the best. The feeling is indescribable�

The trip is on. I�m quite excited and looking forward to Monday. (Mandi la pool sampai kecut tangan aa!!). I can see the images of Jonker Street and the Orang Utan shop. I LOVE knick knacks. Hopefully I won�t waste my cash over some unnecessary junks.

New fact: Study shows that a child�s food selection can be determined by what the mother consumes during pregnancy and during breastfeeding time. They said that the flavors of the food a woman eats filter through into her breast milk, so infants become used to the tastes before being introduced to solid foods. That made me realize of why diabetes and some other diseases are hereditary. If the mother has strong liking for sweet foods, the children are more likely to develop the same preferences of foods. My late grandmother was diabetic and my mom? None that I�ve known so far. I guess I have to start monitoring my sugar and salt intake from now on.

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