jeudi, avril 08, 2004

I Hate School Break!

10 things I hate about holidays:

1)...they screw up my sleeping time, not to mention the time I start my day!
2)...I�ll have no life...
3)...I will lose track of the date and in some severe cases, the day!
4)...I will be very damn malas to hang out or go to the mall. It�s like I�m glued to the house. Did mom put a spell on me?
5) routine will be THE SAME for the rest of the month.
6)...they turn me into a sloth.
7)...I�ll have a very unproductive holiday.
8) brain will be in Sleeping Mode.
9)...they are unhealthy, really! Tak tipu! (Makan�tido�online�tido�makan�online�)
10)...any additional one day of break and I�ll die of boredom! Help me God!!!

It never occurs to my damn mind that I need to verify the registration. I mean we do have it each time after the registration but when there was no pop-up regarding the verification date when I logout, (I swear I didn�t see any!) I never bothered to check the main site. I really want to Thank the God for making me go online this evening. What else excites me upon knowing the last day for it was TODAY. Almost made me stop breathing. I can�t imagine doing my thesis just to be notified in the end that my credit hours are invalid and my mark won�t be counted because �Awak tak sahkan pendaftaran�. UM has the suckiest, unbelievably poorest, most terrible registration system on earth! Not to mention the incident where I was asked to drop a subject a few weeks before the exam started. Still a bit annoyed but I�m cool now.

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