samedi, mars 06, 2004


Who could possibly be the one behind my punctured tire? Could it be an enemy of mine? None that I know. I hardly know any new people in UM since I left KMM. Only a few people who used to be my assignment mates. They are only a bunch of good fellas with halo on top. I suspected no one AT ALL but dad keeps on telling me that somebody is trying to get funny. Oh well guys, look at my face and see if I give a damn� If that so, he/she must be very jealous of me, which makes me feel very honored and flattered. Oh well, like people always say� Takpe la, ada hikmah disebaliknye tu� Hell yeah it does! Hell yeah! Who would expect that the punctured tire lead me to meeting the gentleman Amat. See me grin like the Cheshire Cat!

I really want to thank God! The right person at the bloody right time! But before that, please take note that I KNOW how to change the tire, seriously I know. But due to the �sophisticated� jack slot designed by Perodua, it took me quite a while to discover the way to get that hell out. I felt�eergh!!!! I hate to make guys think that I�m incapable of changing the stupid tire like most girls. Done that before lah!

12 college. I know no one to help me out! But then I saw Amat. He offered the help I desperately need. Waaay cool!

I turned my head and as he proceeded to the car, he said�

�I�m sorry but I only have one shirt with me and I can�t afford to get it dirty.�

�Oh, it�s okay�*very okay indeed*�

NO I wasn�t blushing� tade perasaan at all. Lagipun, shirtless guys? Big deal! Anatomy of the man? See the leg laaa brader. You�re talking to a pro here� erk!

A friend of his joined us a few moment after, then, another friend who looks like Boy, erm minus the height and �selebet ness�. Turned out to be that Amat and Apek are close friends. That adds another �cool� in the sentence� and he knows Bob as well� MINUS the �cool�!

Everything�s done. Tire was being replaced. Time to bid goodbye. Offered him dinner but he�s had his previously. Now guys, my intention was good okay! No udang disebalik batu! Just being grateful here� Well, I still had my dinner there but together with Apek to accompany me. A lot of stuffs to update.

So, I was back to the library somewhere around 8 pm and home at 9.15 pm. There goes my 2 hours! It sure was a helluva day! Tonnes of distraction! Ade je dugaan bile nak stadi. Anyways, my paper is over� Yep! It is finally over�For Good! Wasn�t as horrendous as I thought it�s going to be. Ye ye jerk cakap maybe kene alter algorithm and explain the concept yada yada yada... Last-last, soalan yang keluar� peh! Now, it�s time to pamper my body after going through a torturing period. Sangat tak terurus� Pe pe pun� Merdeka!!!!

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