dimanche, mars 07, 2004

I've changed the tire back... all by myself! Seems like there's no puncture at all. Somebody is trying to get cute, which I find very pathetic. I'd love to meet that person behind all this. Sadis!

We're expecting a new member in the family and I'm going to take her home tomorrow. Hopefully Putih won't get jealous. (Yep! A new kitten! Bak kate mak akuk, mix kucing Persian and kucing Paria...in other word...kucing biaserk)

Noah dropped by with 2 of his friends. Sangat bagus! Sume stok stok tolak batu ngan kayu. Budak yang tengah membesar le katekan...Dad's initial plan was to give them a dinner treat but he changed his mind and stayed home instead of going. So, depa jek la pi. Nak join tapik tade mood untuk lepak.

Mom's having a gastric attack. Gastric sucks! Had that a few months back and just wished that someone could punch me till I pass out. Sakit yang lagi teruk dari period pain...erm well both possess the same degree la but gastric? Lagi teruk! Rase nak muntah la...angin dalam perut la...Akuk berguling-guling macam tenggiling!

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