jeudi, février 19, 2004

Double Weapon For The Double Effect (the saga continues�)

Stupid trap for the smart ass rats. Somehow I feel that I should�ve bought the special glue instead of the trap, which costs me twice the price. Today was better. The floor was shitless with only a couple of traces of the urine near the trap. Must be tekejut beruk when the trapdoor shut all of a sudden. Tau takut! Like I expected, the trap doesn�t sound like a good idea. Maybe applicable to the kampung rats, but not the �cosmopolitan underground dwellers�.

I reached the house at around 8.30 pm, after spending 4 hours trying to figure out on how to generate the use-case diagram as well as the sequence diagram. (Fariza!!! Ko sangat marvelous! Amik exam untuk akuk ek!) Headed straight to the grocery store and bought the small can of the super sticky glue. I�ve thought about getting this previously but one thing about this is that the rats trapped are going to be alive and it�s my job to kill them. Usually, if you leave them alone, they will die slowly due to lack of energy after the all the struggle in order to escape. That makes my job a lot easier. I can simply remove the lifeless bodies (pergh�what a word!) without any risk of getting bitten. Puh! Puh! Puh! Mintak mintak jadik! Kalo tak, akuk sue kilang tuh!

Right now, I still have the trap with an extra �sidekick�. This is war!!!

(p/s: Mesej terakhir kepada cik Is.. TEMPIK! TEMPIK! TEMPIK!!!!!!!!)

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