jeudi, janvier 29, 2004

Tons of works!!!

It�s a very nice day indeed; cloudy and comfortably chilly. Aaaah� But here I am with two deadlines to meet, wait a minute, make it three then! Aaaargh! Akuk pening!!!!

Feb 4th: Submission- Network Design.
Feb 5th: Submission- Distributed System (Assignment 1)
Feb 6th: Presentation: Network Design. (blame my unlucky hand! We got the first slot, on the first day itself!!!)
Feb 10th: TRL (exam)

Oooh� I�m thrilled!!! HEH!

�.and, not forgetting, Software Engineering Task 3 by Friday, which is� tomorrow.

It�s going to be a helluva week. Can I skip Ipoh please? Group assignments are a blessing! Okay, first thing�s first. Starting with:

Software Engineering.

Task: Correction on Task 2 as well as the user interface prototype. Aim: To get it done by tonight???

Network Design.

Task: A meeting on Friday. Aim: To get everything done by the end of the week. Get Jehan to set a meeting with Jimmy for evaluation before the deadline� hopefully and to prepare the slides upon approval.

� eugh! The smell of this Kiwi Fresh dehumidifier is sickening! It hits straight to the brain. Must get rid, must get rid of it!!!

Distributed System.

Task: Download J2sdk and try to edit the code so that it�ll create a workspace that has both chat window and the button to call the ftp function. Problem now is, how on earth am I going to edit this when my basic in Java is zilch?! Okay okay, calm down and tackle things one by one� Aim: To get everything works like planned.

This won�t happen if I implemented long-term time management. Like I always say, Procrastination is bloody wonderful�. Have I forgotten to add �hazardous�?

Ye, ye, saya tau saye silap� so, marahlah saya�

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